Yoga through the Eyes of Children

Children are such a fresh burst of energy, filled with so much sweetness and curiosity about the world around them. I’m always amazed by their ability to stay present and aware of what’s going on – even though we may think they’re not listening at moments, they really are!

Their excitement and imagination always warms my heart, while also reminding me to stay flexible and on my toes in maintaining them engaged throughout their yoga session. In addition to the many endearing qualities that my little yogis have, I credit their ability to look for the simplicity in things and speak with such honesty.

Enjoy these fun and simple reactions from the hearts of my little yogis when asked, “What do you like about yoga?”

“It’s fun!”
“I get strong!”
“Playing the singing bowl!”
“It makes me happy!”

Despite one’s age or experience with yoga, I feel many would agree on one or maybe all of the above :).

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