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Veronica Ceseña is first and foremost a student of the beautiful art of yoga.

Her passion for living her yoga is part of her daily rituals from practicing mindfulness and gratitude through meditation, immersing herself in yoga philosophy, and raising her vibration through energetic and sound healing modalities. For Veronica, yoga is not solely about the poses and one’s flexibility of the physical body. Though rather, how one can become flexible in mind and spirit to incorporate the various limbs of yoga as means to experience a life of awareness, kindness, purpose and meaning.

It’s evident when you meet Veronica that she has a big heart for sharing her years of experience and knowledge about this life-changing practice with reverence, compassion, and humility. Veronica is continuously grateful for the opportunity to help guide others in discovering their own yoga practice regardless of their age, background or physical limitations.

With over thousand hours of detailed trainings and studies, Veronica is also a practitioner of sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls. Veronica holds three yoga specialty designations as a certified 500-Hour (RYT 500), Prenatal (RPYT), and Children’s (RCYT) Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.

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