Yoga Classes

I approach my yoga classes in a holistic manner to seamlessly weave important aspects of meditation, conscious breathing, spiritual and energetic principles, sound healing vibrations, and physical postures with a keen eye for alignment and anatomy. You can also certainly expect a touch of my playfulness and intuitive spirit as I guide you to discover your own yoga practice and define rituals to benefit your everyday living.

An important belief of mine is that yoga should be accessible to people of all ages and bodies, which is why I am highly trained to tailor classes that are anatomically appropriate for those recovering from injury, women who are expecting and those who have given birth, and to children and teens with fun, age appropriate sessions. My expertise stems from several years of dedicated practice and teaching, highly skilled understanding of sound healing modalities, and in holding five specialty yoga teacher designations through Yoga Alliance as a certified Experienced 200-Hour, 500-Hour, Children’s, and Prenatal Yoga Teacher, and Continuing Education Provider.

I am never scripted and always teach from my heart. You will feel safe, supported and liberated to discover what is beyond possible on the four corners of your mat.

I invite you to click on the tabs below for more details about each private format offering.

Adult Yoga

Prenatal Yoga: Women who are expecting place important, needed attention on their baby’s well-being and healthy development, of which it is also important that they nurture themselves too during an ever-changing time. Private one-on-one or small group prenatal yoga classes (2-5 people) allow expecting mothers the opportunity to become aware of their changing bodies, practice safely in a prenatal format, and prepare mentally and physically for childbirth.

Private prenatal yoga classes are each 60-minutes and can be booked as a one-time, weekly or monthly occurrence in the comfort of your home.

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Sound Healing

Sound Healing Classes: Sound plays an important role in elevating our vibration, and we can see this positive change within us when we hear our favorite song or even through laughter as some examples. The sound emitted from healing instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls can help relax your body and mind, release stress, and elevate your energy to feel more at peace. A short meditation will be incorporated before you comfortably lie on your back with your eyes closed listening to the bowls being played. Gong, chimes and other healing instruments can be incorporated.

Private sound healing classes are each 60-minutes and can be booked as a one-time, weekly or monthly occurrence. Suitable for all adults, including those navigating anxiety, stress, cancer treatment, and insomnia.

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Children’s Yoga / Teen Yoga

Yoga for Children & Teen Athletes (ages 5 to 19): Recreational and competitive sports can be positive outlets for children and teens to develop confidence, self-esteem, and healthy habits. The growing bodies of young athletes can be exposed to many repetitive movements and possibly at times, little focus on recovery after a practice or game. Private children’s and teen yoga classes for a young athlete will target muscular areas that help stretch while also strengthen their body, and also aid in their flexibility and prevention of injury. The incorporation of meditation will activate their mental strength, as much as they do physically, to further visualize success and build confidence.

Private yoga classes for children and teens are each 60-minutes and can be booked as a one-time, weekly or monthly occurrence.

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